Building for the Future
Building for the Future


One of the lectionary readings for Sunday 28th April was Acts 8: 26-40, the story of Philip and the Ethiopian. As there is so much to this story, it is one of my favourites and I have chosen to preach on it at Water Lane URC. It has got me thinking about how many journeys we have in our lives. Life itself is of course one journey and we don’t know when it will end; no saying “Are we there yet?” as we mostly have no desire to end it. 3 Many of us may have travelled on holiday or business around the British Isles and abroad. Sometimes we have only been to places that are within a plane journey of 2-3 hours but others may have travelled to the Southern Hemisphere or around the world. All journeys to unexpected places bring with them a time of preparation – deciding how we will get there, booking tickets, making sure we have enough money to buy things en route, deciding what clothes we need to take if we are away for a night or more, packing our suitcase, and then making sure we are ready on the day with enough time allowed for the journey to our departure point or our destination. We also travel with a sense of expectation of arriving somewhere and doing something different from our everyday lives. Our Christian journey is somewhat different. We will not reach our ultimate destination until we pass from this world into, we hope, a better place. We all have to make preparations for our journey, listening for God’s call to us for when the time is right to embark on it and listening for God’s directions along the way. We need to prepare by reading our Bibles, learning to pray and attending church, but these are not just preparations but also the food we need on our life’s journey of learning about God, through Jesus. We may take wrong turnings on this journey and get lost, but God will always find us and give us people to help us back to the right path. There is far more to our Christian journey than just our own experiences though. As we appreciate company on any journey, we will be given people to accompany us but we also need to always be aware that we too are called to help others on their journeys, encouraging them when the going gets tough or they lose their way. This is our life-long commitment on our journey, showing God’s love to all we meet, radiating it in our lives so that others may join us on the journey. Your journey may have been short or long, but may God go with you on it, taking care of you and leading you on. 

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