Building for the Future
Building for the Future



Just three weeks ago last Thursday we were so happy to reopen Twinkles and welcome back the children, mothers and carers. Although we were small in numbers everyone was so happy to be back and to catch up with the news from almost a year of being away. We also had the opportunity to meet baby Darcie, born just at the time we closed, who is celebrating her first birthday on 26th March! From being a bump to walking well and interested in everything was a great difference! 

At that time Covid-19 was known as the coronavirus and was only affecting China and people who had visited there, but the situation changed within a week and on our second week we warned everyone that, should the schools close, we would also close, little thinking that within a week the situation would have changed so dramatically and, not only would we suspend Twinkles, but also Open House and Sunday services, for an indefinite period. 

This past three weeks has been unbelievable as this virus has spread around the world with so many countries being in lock-down and panic buying in many so-called civilised and wealthy countries. It is easy to forget in our own situations and our own fear that the civil war in Syria continues, refugees from there. Iraq and sub-Saharan Africa are still leaving homes and countries, and that there is still drought, starvation and lack of basic amenities in so many countries.. We should be grateful that we have food and clean drinking water but do we ever thank our God for these in time of crisis or are we like the Israelites during the Exodus blaming God for all our troubles and losing our faith? 

As I look out of my window today, the sun is shining and Spring has really sprung. Spring is a time of hope, of new beginnings. Let us glory in God's creation and thank Him for it. Let us thank Him for the fellowship we share through email, text or telephone, reaching out to each other in whatever way we can and maintaining contact while we are apart. We must thank, too, our Area ministers who have come together to produce a weekly service for us to follow at home and for their concern for us all, whether under their direct pastoral care or not. Their emails and letters have been so uplifting, 

keeping our spirits up. We must remember that none of us is really alone, even though we may be self-isolating, for our God is with us always. I find the Psalms a comfort at this time, so many beginning with a cry to God of despair but ending with praise. We will come out of this crisis into a different world in many ways and it is up to us to make it even better still. May God protect you all and keep you safe. 



Open House


Our halls are now closed due to the building work. Open House will be held on a Wednesday 10.00am – 12 noon as usual but will be held in St. Martins Church Halls until we are up and running again in our own newly refurbished halls.


Open House
Mission to Seafarers
Grateful thanks to all who support our Charity Table at Open House on Wednesday
mornings – either bringing items for sale, or making a donation and taking them home.
Recently the money raised was in support of the National Charity ‘”Mission to Seafarers” and the result was that we were able to donate the sum of £98.00 to be  added to the Church’s Harvest Appeal.
This Charity has also received a great “boost” from a kind friend – Mrs Margaret Cooper – who gave us a considerable amount of wool, which will keep our knitters busy during the winter months – enabling us to send off parcels of scarves and hats much needed by this world-wide Christian Charity.

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