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From the Minister:

From the Minister
Remembered lives on November 2nd (All Souls’ Day)

All Souls’ Day is traditionally celebrated on 2 November to remember those who have died.
In some Protestant denominations, All Souls’ Day has been joined with All Saints’ Day
(following the idea that we are all saints). Recently, Catholic Christians have celebrated the
elevation of the renowned Victorian priest, writer, and theologian, Cardinal John Henry
Newman to sainthood in a service held at St Peter’s, Rome.
We all know people who have been special in our lives but who are no longer with us upon
earth. Such saints may be spouses, parents, siblings, children, and other relatives. Other
saints may be key influencers in our personal development outside the family such as
schoolteachers, trainers, employers, colleagues and the like. And even others may simply be
old friends and neighbours whom we recall with much affection. Who are the saints in your
Historically, the church has used this time of year to celebrate lives of the faithful and this
has been linked to special services and times of thanksgiving. Some churches use the time to
offer quiet and space especially in remembrance of those who have died in the past 12
months. This year Epping Methodist Church will be open all day on Saturday 2nd November
to commemorate All Souls Day. If you are nearby, please drop in as you will discover a
conducive space for reflection, remembrance, and prayer. Visitors will be able to record the
name of their dead relative or friend, which, in turn, may be deposited in a simple ‘memory
box’. The names will be offered to God by me at the end of the afternoon. You’ll be most
A Prayer for All Souls’ Day
God our Father, by our Baptism, you made us your holy people and called us to share in
the joy of your saints. By their help and example, you guide us to live for others as Jesus
taught us. May their prayers strengthen and comfort us as we follow Jesus to his promise
of everlasting life. We make this prayer to you in His name. Amen



From the Editor
I would like to make everyone aware of the Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT). JPIT is a joint
URC/Methodist/Baptist/Church of Scotland endeavour working together for peace and
They work to:


Equip Christians to act and pray on issues of injustice,
Resource churches to reflect and campaign effectively,
Help Churches to speak out with a distinctively Christian voice on injustice.

They work on a range of issues both in the UK and abroad including:
On all of the above issues they have produced reports, campaigns and newsletters as well as
resources for churches to use such as prayers, study material and worship. All of these as
well as ways to get involved in campaigns, a faith in politics podcast and events can be
found on their website at:, and are also active on social media. They
also produce regular updates including prayers, statements or actions on current events
such as the recent events in Syria and Grays.
Perhaps of particular interest at the moment given the current political situation and the
fact that some have been critical of a lack of response from churches is JPITs action on Brexit
who in the summer wrote to the Prime Minister with concerns particularly on the effect of a
no deal on those in poverty. A reply was received in October and JPITs response to this
letter is on their website.
JPIT have a conference next March on the subject of Renewal and Rebellion: Faith, Economy
and Climate, details of which are on their website



Harvest Service
After our Harvest Service the total raised for The Mission to Seafarers was £160.00. This
included the donation from Open House mentioned above.
It was most interesting at our Harvest Service to hear that our visiting Minister –Rev. John
Buxton – had personal knowledge of the Seafarers Mission, and their work in Singapore. He
emphasised the valuable work they undertake world-wide.
During our Harvest Service we received food donations for Harlow Food Bank which will be
forwarded to them.
Thank you all for your generosity towards both of these causes.


Coffee Morning
Our Coffee Morning on Saturday November 30th will be our usual Christmas theme. As this
will be our first back in the refurbished hall we will be extending the time to allow visitors
more time to view the improvements. So please tell your friends and families!! We will be
open from 10.00am to 2.00pm


Diary Dates
16th November, 3pm
Rededication Service followed by refreshments in Hall.
19th November, 7pm Church Meeting



Sincere thanks to everyone who supported our recent Quiz night.


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