Building for the Future
Building for the Future


We have lots of exciting activities here at Ongar URC, call in and find out more.





All answers are the common names of flowers and plants and not the Latin ones. Answers in next month’s issue. 


Example: Wintery fall (8) Answer: Snowdrop



1. Big Ben wears boys colour (5,4) 

2. Keeps Basil’s hands warm (8) 

3. Scarlet burning card game (3,3,5) 

4. I must remember (6,2,3) 

5. Goddess goes airborne to lure (5,3,4) 

6. Water closet terminus (8) 

7. Arachnid needs Bazuka (10) 

8. Teddy’s trousers (5,8) 

9. Friar’s head gear (9) 

10. Queen of the South African Meadow (6,2,3,5) 

11. Does not tell lies (7) 

12. The matching card game was killed by George (10) 

13. Unmarried woman informs digit (9) 

14. Feline Polo (7) 

15. Bovine mishap (7) 

16. This disciple has a verruca (2,5,4) 

17. Industrious queen (4,6) 

18. Toms lugholes (5,3) 

19. Mutt’s pearly whites have turned lilac (4,5,6) 

20. She cries in the loo’s at Hogwarts (6) 

21. This dwelling place needs plumber (9) 

22. Canine forest (7) 

23. Automobile country (9) 

24. She likes to keep up appearances (8) 

25. Justin Welby’s titvar (7,3) 

26. Spotty cats affliction (8,4) 

27. As seen by Moses (7,4) 

28. Hogwarts mode of transport (5) 

29. Billy’s bristles (5,5) 

30. Haemorrhaging emotions (8,5)


Answers to last months flowers and plants quiz:
1 Blue Bell 2 Foxglove 3 Red Hot Poker 4 Forget me not 5 Venus fly trap 6 lavender
7 Spiderwort 8 Bears’ Breeches 9 Monkshood 10 Monarch of the Veldt 11 Honesty
12 Snapdragon 13 Mistletoe 14 Catmint 15 Cowslip 16 St John’s Wort 17 Busy Lizzie
18 Cats ear 19 Dogs tooth violet 20 Myrtle 21 Houseleek 22 Dogwood 23 Carnation
24 Hyacinth 25 Bishops hat 26 Leopards Bane 27 Burning bush 28 Broom
29 Goats beard 30 Bleeding heart



May Bible Quiz:
Books of the Bible Anagrams:
1. Social Sons
2. Violent Era
3. See Sign
4. Evil is cut
5. Smog fools noon
6. Last Again
7. No Rams
8. Used Ox
9. Aid a Hob
10. I Select cases
11. Sine Phase
12. Ah Claim
13. We Herbs
14. Bore RSVP
15. One More Duty
16. Wet Math
17. National Stem
18. Hop in Elm
19. Ha He Mine
20. Burns Me







Girls' Brigade - Want a Challenge?

Having attended District, Regional and National meetings recently we have been encourgaed not to give up, but to continue in Faith that we will find new leaders to get all sections back up and running! We hope to be back in the near future if you would like to contact us, or you would like to know more about becoming a leader contact Brenda on 07976 644567

Want to know more about Girls Brigade. Click here.

Duke of Edinburgh - for more information contact Brenda on 07976 644567

Are you 14 - 23 years old? Want a challenge, want to get involved? Then, the Duke of Edinburgh Award is for you.

Come and see how you can get involved. We pride ourselves with the awards our young people have achieved.

Want more information on the DofE. Click here.


Jeremy and James have booked their residential courses, we look forward to hearing all about them!

Open House - Wednesday Mornings Currently meeting at St Martins church rooms, Castle Street.

Fancy a coffee and chat? Our halls are open every Wednesday morning,

10 - 12 noon.

A very popular event and is always well supported by the local community.

We propoe being back in The Livingstone Hall from the end of November

Twinkle's  Parent,Toddler & Baby Group -

Thursday Mornings 10 - 12 noon. Reopening after February half-term

All parents with young pre-school children welcome. Refreshments served.


Bible Study

 Currently Friday Morning at North Weald Methodist Church. Please feel free to come along to any of these meetings. 


Pause for Prayer
Our first morning was on 11th January and proved a very reflective morning
for those of us there. The next morning will be 8th February from 10.00am until
12 noon. If you are willing to come to the church for this time please speak to
Joan, who will also arrange a lift if required. Various prayer books were
available for anyone who wanted to find a specific subject for prayer, post-it
notes for prayers that could be incorporated into the following Sunday's

service, quiet meditative music was played and a candle lit on the table at
the front of the church. In the future we intend to have a prayer station,
perhaps dealing with events in the news of concern during the week and the
helpers will always be available and willing to join in prayer with individuals or
take the lead in praying for them. Please do 'pause for prayer' one Saturday    Building for the Future project

Currently raising funds for new halls

Did you know we have Souvenirs available for sale, why not call in and buy one to help towards our Fund Raising.

Monthly Coffee Morning:  


Last Saturday in the month.

Bargains galore, scrumptious cakes and good company, all make for an excellent Saturday morning outing. Not been before, you don’t know what you are missing!

Call in for Coffee and a chat, different themes each month.

10a.m. - 12 noon 





We are located at:





Get social with us.